Dr. Faisal Suleiman, DMD – Owner, General & Cosmetic Dentistry, TMJ Disorders/Myofascial Pain Disorders

Dr. Faisal A. Suleiman, D.M.D., was born in London, England. After high school, he served four years in the United States Air Force and then earned his Bachelor of Science degree from CSU Bakersfield. He completed his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Roseman University of Dental Health Services in Utah. Dr. Suleiman’s philosophy is being professional, caring and compassionate to all our wonderful patients and to provide all the possible options for quality dental care for you and your families. Dr. Suleiman also shares expertise with Dr. Jack Rosenson, DMD in treating workers compensation and personal injury patients suffering from Temporomandibular Joint/Myofascial Pain and Dental Disorders.